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A Family Of Toy Inventors-Toy Association NYTF Magazine

Innovation – and the desire to create – is a running theme within the Kessler family. The family’s toy legacy began in 1950, when patriarch Milton Kessler introduced an early form of the hula hoop. Although Milton’s creativity spanned many industries over his life – including manufacturing, construction, and consumer goods – it was his one toy invention that sparked the entrepreneurial spirits of both his son and grandson. The younger Kessler men have followed in Milton’s footsteps to bring their passion for invention and play to countless children...Continue Reading


The Nerdist article on Winter is Coming . "Game of Thrones is back! We can all rejoice because life has meaning again. However, as anyone who pledges their fealty to House Stark (a.k.a. all of the good people in the world) can tell you, winter is coming, for all of us, and that means plenty of characters that we love are going to be dead soon. The good news though is that now Winter is Coming, a free, unofficial fan-made card game based on the show and the books, is available for all of us too. And yes it’s about killing everyone else."


Tech Times article on Winter is Coming "The game was created by toy and game designer Alex Kessler for a Game of Thrones themed party and because he is a huge fan of both George R.R. Martin's books and the television adaptation of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The objective of the game is very obvious if you are a fan: kill everyone else and rule Westeros.