Buttercup the Cactus

This is Buttercup the Cactus! She's friendly and loves giving hugs, which is unfortunate since she's a prickly cactus!


Guy the Pineapple

Aloha traveler! This is Guy the Pineapple. If you ever need some stellar advice, ask him, he's a wise Guy!


Noodles the Puppy

Meet Noodles! She loves listening to music and dancing! She's always practicing her dance moves for her friends!


Luna the Unicorn

Meet Luna! He can grant wishes! His biggest wish? That everyone would stop following him around asking him to grant their wishes!

LoveEm_Narwhal copy.jpg

Shelly the Narwhal

Meet Shelly the Narwhal! She's very friendly and loves meeting new people, the only downside is that she's also very shy!


Jimmy the Penguin

This is Jimmy the Penguin, he's pretty slick. He once bet his friends that he could hold his breath for 5 minutes! He's willing to bet you he can do it again!