Battle Bosses is the new and innovative battle game. Choose a collectible vinyl figure and battle your friends. Battles Boss allows you to pick bosses and their minions from all over the multiverse. Upgrade your vinyl figure to outplay your opponents. A self contained game board, cool minion figures, and a set of unique dice. Be the ultimate Battle Boss.  Generation one includes the ogre Grakthar with goblin minions, the elder horror Cthulhu with zombies, the armored robot Mecha Bot with drones, and the ancient dragon Ryu with samurai warriors. Each player picks one boss as they battle to advance their board using their unique minions and a specialized deck of upgrades and effects. Roll resource dice to produce Energy and Crystals to use your boss’s abilities and play cards. The battle will be fierce, and the competition lethal. Can you craft a strategy to outsmart the competition?  Each game also includes a 1 player mode where you play as the minions attempting to defeat the boss.  Collect them all!

Choose from a variety of powerful Battle Bosses to summon minions, utilize devastating abilities, and obliterate your opponent. Battle Bosses takes you away from the classic unsung hero adventure and lets you go head to head as the "end boss" in this epic, gladiator arena battle.

Game Break Down

Battle Bosses is a 1-6 player game that has you playing as giant Bosses, utilizing dice to gain Energy and Crystal resources to unleash devastating moves, spawn Minions to send to battle, and play innovative cards to gain tactical advantage specific to your Boss and Minions. At the beginning of each game, both players combine and set up their tiles to create a single battlefield, put their boss in the starting space, and draw 5 cards from their deck. On their turn, each player rolls 4 dice which will give them possible combinations of energy and crystals.

Energy must be spent the turn it is earned to utilize Boss abilities such as movement, creating minions and unleashing their ultimate move. Crystals on the other hand, can be saved up or used right away towards cards to give you the edge. At the end of each player’s turn, they draw back up to 5 cards and begin their next round of carnage. Cards are unique to each boss and include upgrade cards, which stick around to give your boss or minions more powerful abilities, and single-use effect cards. Bosses will be defeated if they take enough damage from enemy units or abilities. Be the last Boss standing while loyal minions become collateral damage!

●    Truly fierce 1v1 Battle Mode with intuitive gameplay mechanics

●    1 Player Solo Mode Variant unique for each of the Bosses

●    3-6 Multiplayer Variants available for exciting, extended battles

●    Included are 70mm Collectable Vinyl Bosses and highly detailed 30mm plastic minis

●    E-Sport and Tournament Play ready

●    6 Collectable Bosses in roster, more unique units to unlock in Kickstarter

●    A rich world with amazing, original lore

Battle Boss is for 1-6 players, ages 14 and older and takes approximately 15-25 minutes per battle (or playing the solo variant). Each Battle Boss box comes with 1 large collectable vinyl Boss w/card; 8 highly detailed Minion miniatures w/Card; 28 Ability Cards; 9 Hex Tiles; 6 Custom Dice; and Tokens. Battle Boss is expected to launch its Kickstarter Campaign in mid-August and will offer great price points, exclusives for backers, and retailers worldwide.



Boss Preview! Ryu, Dragon Goddess enters the Arena! 

Battle Bosses Gameplay Breakdown


Boss and Minion Gallery

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