Battle Bosses is the new and innovative battle game. Choose a collectible vinyl figure and battle your friends. Battles Boss allows you to pick bosses and their minions from all over the multiverse. Upgrade your vinyl figure to outplay your opponents. A self contained game board, cool minion figures, and a set of unique dice. Be the ultimate Battle Boss.  Generation one includes the ogre Grakthar with goblin minions, the elder horror Cthulhu with zombies, the armored robot Mecha Bot with drones, and the ancient dragon Ryu with samurai warriors. Each player picks one boss as they battle to advance their board using their unique minions and a specialized deck of upgrades and effects. Roll resource dice to produce Energy and Crystals to use your boss’s abilities and play cards. The battle will be fierce, and the competition lethal. Can you craft a strategy to outsmart the competition?  Each game also includes a 1 player mode where you play as the minions attempting to defeat the boss.  Collect them all!

The Bosses:

Grakthar, Ogre Giant

With his goblin minions pillaging in his wake, Grakthar never backs down from a challenge. Brawling with the best of them, Grakthar's aggro play style and large maximum health makes him the fiercest fighter in Battle Bosses. 

00B_ Grakthar Card.jpg
00C_Minion_ Goblins.jpg

Doc Splosion, Mad Scientist

Plotting from her island lair off the coast of Futropolis, Doc Splosion will stop at nothing in her quest for domination. Doc Splosion's vast array of gadgets give her access to a variety of helpful effects while building up to explosive combos that devastate opponents.

00B_ Doc Splosion Card.jpg

Captain Boat

The Scourge of the 13 depths. Part Captain! Part Boat! With a cannon for an arm and an eye patch for a sail, no one is safe while the Captain is out at sea. Captain Boat loves nothing more than treasure. He hoards crystals to pay off his mercenary crew while traversing the board to uncover Chest tokens buried by his opponents.

unnamed (2).jpg
00C_ Minion_Pirate.jpg

Ryu, Dragon Goddess

Ryu, Dragon Goddess, Shogun of the Eastern Provinces commands an army of highly trained Samurai, using her keen sense of strategy to lay waste to enemies through clever tactics and careful positioning of troops. She spreads her Samurai throughout the battlefield, controlling as much territory as possible, growing stronger with each tile she claims.

unnamed (3).jpg
00C_ Ryu Card.jpg

Mecha Bot, Hero of Futropolis

Mecha Bot, the robotic defender of Futropolis, excels in defensive combat, setting up deadly minefields to hide behind, while bombarding enemies at range with high tech weaponry. Mecha Bot's modular drones are able to form armor plating, land mines, or whatever Mecha Bot needs to hold the line against evil.

unnamed (4).jpg

Cthulhu, Elder God

Cthulhu has been plotting for millennia from the Void, awaiting an opportunity to escape to the corporeal world and conquer the minds of those who dare to oppose him, feeding the rest to his zombie army. Cthulhu plays the long game, using effects to control the early game while building resources towards an insurmountable late-game engine. 

unnamed (5).jpg
00C_Minion_ Zombies.jpg